My Favorite Illustrators

Illustrations are a great way to communicate science. From fine art to comics and cartoons they can bring awareness and/or explain concepts. 

Social media platforms such as instagram provide a channel that is easy to use and anyone can share their art. I keep discovering amazing illustrators everyday!  Below are some of my favorite illustrators, artists and designers that create biology related illustrations.



Pedromics has some very cool cartoons about immunology and academia. Here I have put a few of my favorite ones but make sure to check out his Pedromics facebook page to see them all. cartoon on statistics error bar
cells in the extracellular matrix cartoon
cancer cell rebels and wants freedom from cells

The Awkward Yeti

The Awkward Yeti encompasses multiple series by cartoonist Nick Seluk. My favorite ones are the cartoons that show personification of organs.

Check out the Awkward Yeti website.

Sketching Science

Funny comics of everyday life in the lab! Worth taking a look.

Check the Sketching Science Facebook page for more.

science laboratory pipette love by sketching science

Frank Santoriello @microbialmiscellanea

He is a PhD student that creates very cool drawings of microbes.
Check his instagram for more.

La Pipette

Illustrations and infographics about science. Very well done and a great way to understand a complex concept like CAR-T cells or COVID-19 tests.
Check the lapipette website page for more.