Cartoon lymphocyte, or immune cell with fluorescent antibodies for flow cytometry going with the flow

Flow Cytometry

Immune cell cartoon with Christmas sweater and another lymphocyte with fluorescent antibodies that look like christmas lights but are antibodies for flow cytometry
Lymphocyte cartoon with fluorescent antibodies that is ready for flow cytometry

Flowcytometry is a technology that can be used to phenotype cells by analyzing the expression of cell surface and intracellular molecules. It rapidly analyzes single cells or particles as they flow past single or multiple lasers while suspended in a buffered salt-based solution. Each particle is analyzed for visible light scatter and one or multiple fluorescence parameters.

Here are some videos that explains the concepts of flow cytometry.

For more information on this technique AbCam has a pdf on Introduction To Flow Cytometry by Abcam and also offers free online flow cytometry training.

If you are already using flow cytometry here are some resources you might find useful:

Sticker with a cartoon of cell inside of a droplet for flow cytometry "let it flow"
Here is the ‘Let it flow’ sticker I made to go with this post!

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