About Cell Cartoons

I really hope you enjoy the cartoons on this site and feel free to use these on your presentations for lab meetings, talks, etc. or simply enjoy them. I personally always enjoyed the talks that include a nice cartoon with a joke or something funny to help get the point across. Sometimes a cartoon can say more than words!

If you do use some these cartoons on your presentation please make sure to add a reference for www.cellcartoons.net. That way others can know where to find these cartoons as well. If you have any questions about using these cartoons please contact me and also take a look at this page with Frequently Asked Questions.

A little about myself

Hi! My name is Ana and I think immune cells are very cool and incredible cells! When learning about these cells I was amazed how these little guys roaming around our body work together in a coordinated fashion to battle the ‘bad guys’.  I went to do graduate school so I could learn more about these cells. I did research to better understand how immune cells respond and react to foreign ‘stuff’ like food and fungi.

Immune cells are very cool and incredible cells! It never ceases to amaze me how these little warriors within us communicate with each other and protect us from disease.

While I was in graduate school I started drawing doodles of cells here and there and that is how Cell Cartoons was born. I am now working in marketing in a biotech company and no longer do active research but I still find these cells fascinating.