Can I use your cartoons on my presentations or repost them on my own page?

Yes, please use these cartoons on your presentations or repost them. That is one of the reasons I make these cartoons and I would be very happy if people get to see them! I only ask for there to be a clear reference so people can clearly see that the cartoon is from cellcartoons.net. If you post the cartoons on your own page or share them on social media it would even be more awesome if you link back to my page.

Are there any situations in which using Cell Cartoons is not permitted or allowed? 

It is not cool if you try to monetize from the cartoons or claim them to be your own. None of these cartoons should be used to gain profit in any way. If you want to modify any of these cartoons please ask for permission first and make sure the cartoon is clearly referenced. The cartoons are protected by a copyright. If you are unsure of whether or not what you are doing with these cartoons is allowed, please contact me.

How do you choose the theme or cells for the cartoons? 

At the moment I have just created cartoons depicting immune cells but with time I might add some other cell types to this site. If you have an idea for a cartoon please contact me!

What program do you use to create the cartoons? 

I am still learning  so I am sure there are better ways to make cartoons. At the moment I draw the cartoons on a piece of paper. Then I scan it and open the image using Adobe Illustrator. Using Illustrator I trace the lines to make an illustrator file that can be then exported as a .png file and publish it on this website. I do know that a lot of comic artists out there use Procreate on iPad pro with an Apple Pencil. I would like to explore other techniques and eventually use a tablet or the iPad to make the cartoons but I am not there yet.